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Gameplay Features Overview

You are taking control over one of the last human colonies, fighting for their survival in a huge sci-fi world! Conquer planets, mine their resources and defend your galactic empire from other players. An exciting mix between Sci-Fi and Fantasy gives “Survival Colony” a unique and colorful look, different from most serious Sci-Fi games. 

Survival Colony is putting its focus on a very vivid and active online world. The “map” constantly shifts as players fight for control over planets and resources. There are a variety of different gameplay phases that players partake in that form the complete Survival Colony experience including battle, management, trading or socializing.

Rule your Empire

  • Manage your whole empire and decide where to spend your resources.
  • Build up new colonies or expand your space station.
  • Unlock new technologies by investing rare resources and recruit new space marines.
  • Send your spaceships loaded with defenses to conquer new planets.
  • Trade with other players to get your hands on the resources you can use most to progress your empire.

Expand your Territory

  • To expand their empire, players will send marines and buildings to planets and fight against the alien inhabitants.
  • To conquer the planet, players have to survive and defeat waves of aliens with our unique take on the tower defense gameplay.
  • While your defense, buildings will define the layout during battle, the space marines will be moved around at your command and are the deciding tactical difference in surviving the attacking hordes.
  • Other players can invade your colonies and steal them away, gaining the resources you were collecting.

Conquer the Galaxy

  • Your main goal is to take control of the central planet of your star system in a race for time against the other players in the system.
  • Only the strongest players will be able to conquer the central planet to win a game round and gain valuable rewards and leaderboard points.
  • Form alliances with other players and fight together against enemy factions on the leaderboard. The more central planets you have conquered, the stronger your alliance will become.

The Survivors

The Enemies

Planet Concepts

Environment Concept

Soft Launch Features

  • Space Station (Permanent Player Progress, Research & Development Buildings, etc.)
  • Colonization (Defense Buildings, Survival Gameplay, Resource Generation)
  • PvP ( Attack colonies of other players )
  • Star Map Game Mode ( Control multiple planets, compete with other players, conquer the central planet )
  • Space Marines ( Recruitment, Leveling Up )
  • Technology Development ( Unlocks & Upgrades )
  • 8 Weapon Types
  • 5 Planet Types
  • 2 enemy factions (Reptiles & Cyborgs)
  • Resource Management Systems ( Population, Metal, Crystals )
  • Space Transportation ( Send Material from Space Station to Colonies )
  • Air Support ( Player Abilities )
  • Monetization ( Shop, Faster Production & Transportation, etc. )

Global Launch Features

  • Alliances ( Manage Clans, Resources, Boosts, Chat, Leaderboards etc. )
  • Trading Outposts ( Player Controlled Auction Houses )
  • Planet Weather and Hazard Conditions ( Electric storms, radioactive, coldness, etc. )
  • Alien Invasions
  • Mission System (Send space marines on missions)
  • Player Tasks & Goals ( achievements, daily tasks )
  • 10 Planet Types
  • 5 enemy factions with several units per faction.
  • More Space Station & Colony Buildings